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20 July 2018

Waves (WAVES)

Summer Road Show Berlin

Waves presents "Driving Business Value with Smart Contracts" in Berlin, reviewing Smart Contract business opportunities.

[Added: 25 June 2018]
Quarter 3 2018

Waves (WAVES)

Summer Road Show Moscow

Waves presents "Blockchain for the People" in Moscow, discussing specific applications of blockchain that impact people’s’ lives.

[Added: 25 June 2018]

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10 July 2018

Waves (WAVES)

Client Update

"We've just released an updated version of the Waves Client! Now you can burn all the tokens on your account except WAVES. This allows users who received spam tokens to remove them from thei...

[Added: 10 July 2018]
07 July 2018

Waves (WAVES)

Summer Road Show London

Waves presents "Blockchain in Financial Services" in London, discussing blockchain impact on fintech and legacy financial institutions.

[Added: 25 June 2018]
04 July 2018

Waves (WAVES)

Astana Finance Days

"Waves CEO Sasha Ivanov will be at Astana Finance Days this 4 July for a panel discussing how crypto will transform global finance."

[Added: 03 July 2018]
07 June 2018

Waves (WAVES)

Waves Community AMA

It’s time to make things about Vostok Platform completely clear! Sasha Ivanov will be holding a Live Q&A session on 7 June, 7pm (UTC +3). Join us and find out what it’s all about!

[Added: 07 June 2018]