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26 May 2018

ByteCoin (BCN)

Roadmap Update

AMA with the Bytecoin Dev Team! Focused on the recent Binance Listing and Network Situation

[Added: 21 May 2018]
Blockchain Update

First major update is scheduled to take place at block 307500 which is approximately 10.30am BST on May 30th.

[Added: 27 April 2018]
21 June 2018

Tron (TRX)

Migration from ERC20

The migration from ERC20 tokens to TRX, the cryptocurrency on Tron’s public blockchain, will begin on June 21,2018 (GMT+8).

[Added: 16 April 2018]
Quarter 2 2018

Electra (ECA)


Payment gateway integration. Commence online merchant payment. API/Gateway development.

[Added: 06 May 2018]
02 July 2018

Kore (KORE)


"Fix most bugs , 2-6 weeks or earlier. Difficulty change, block time, stake, masternodes rewards increases & few changes."

[Added: 21 May 2018]
September 2018

StakeNet (XSN)

XSN MN Auto Updates

StakeNet will incorporate an optional auto update system for our users that allow core team to update nodes automatically.

[Added: 21 May 2018]
December 2018

StakeNet (XSN)

XSN Enhanced Privacy

XSN will upgrade privacy in the StakeNet Ecosystem for our DEX, Staking Platform, and Multicurrency wallets solutions.

[Added: 21 May 2018]