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21 July 2018

Red Pulse (RPX)


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[Added: 23 June 2018]
23 July 2018

ByteCoin (BCN)

High Load Resistant

"With this release we present an internal guard mechanism (payment queue) that will be able to bear any high load instances..."

[Added: 29 June 2018]
24 July 2018

Fitrova (FRV)

Fitness Tracker App Alpha

"The Fitrova Fitness Tracker App UI (User Interface) design will be updated publicly in our GitHub page within 72 hours."

[Added: 04 July 2018]
30 July 2018

Everus (EVR)

P2P Microfinancing

Creation of a blockchain-stored credit-scoring system, lending interface to enable borderless peer-2-peer lending, opening of credit market.

[Added: 18 June 2018]
Lightning Network

Bitcoin Diamond version of Lightning Network is expected to be deployed on July 31st, after complete assessment by developers and testers.

[Added: 07 May 2018]
VO.3 Gamma Release

PolySwarm Gamma will focus on providing matchmaking features that facilitate collaboration between ambassadors, experts, and arbiters.

[Added: 23 April 2018]
July Releases

ERC-20 token support, IOS and Android mobile app release, and bitUSD and bitCNY support by end of July.

[Added: 27 April 2018]
July 2018

Cardano (ADA)

IELE VM Testnet

IELE VM, a register-based machine inspired by LLVM, will be released on testnet between June and July.

[Added: 29 April 2018]
Platform Beta Release

During the first half of 2018, the infrastructure will be more fully developed, and the subtler aspects of the infrastructure will be designed in detail and tested in prototypes and simula...

[Added: 30 April 2018]
July 2018

Innova (INN)

Exchange Platform

Our whitepaper is almost ready. We will release it in the next few days. We are also working son our exchange platform. It will be released in estimated 4 weeks.

[Added: 07 June 2018]
July 2018


Platform Beta Release

"The development team expects to have a Beta version of the Affiliate dApp operational by July,2018 "

[Added: 08 June 2018]
July 2018

Bankera (BNK)

BNK Exchange Launch

"The start of the live version of Bankera’s exchange supporting major cryptocurrencies, ERC20 and NEM Mosaic tokens," in first half of 2018.

[Added: 08 June 2018]