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05 Maja 2019


Endless Dappathon Live

The second Endless Dapp's series Live with Discussions and Stakemine where we will be hearing from Dapps around the ecosphere and you will be able to have chances to ask questions and find o...

[Dodane: 13 Kwiecnia 2019]
05 Kwiecnia 2019


MonerEOS - Fork Monero & EOS

Snapshot Date: 5th of April, 2019 20:00 UTC When the hard fork took place, a snapshot of all existing XMR and EOS holdings occured. Anyone holding XMR or EOS in a wallet or supported exchan...

[Dodane: 27 Marzca 2019]
Kwartał 1 2019


EUM Lists on STEX

As trading volume picks up on BitMart, the Elitium team has been hard at work on our next listing – as of Wednesday 20th March, you will be able to buy Elitium on the innovative multi-curren...

[Dodane: 20 Marzca 2019]