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"We are kicking off AUAs (Ask Us Anything) with founders & team members! Joins us next Monday, July 30, at 13:00 UTC."

[Added: 28 July 2018]
TESTNET Apollo Release v1.0b

* OriginTrail Test Network Launch * Live cases using protocol test network * 1st Open Call for use-cases (up to 10 projects voted upon by token holders via a Smart Contract) Apollo is t...

[Added: 30 April 2018]
Meet & Greet

Another OriginTrail Meet&Greet is coming up on June 20th! We would love to meet our supporters in London.

[Added: 15 June 2018]
Lunar Orbiter Release v1.0b-RC

* V2 of payment mechanism with testnet tokens * V2 of consensus check with privacy layer (zk) Moving closer to the testnet release, Lunar Orbiter will bring a new version of the consensu...

[Added: 30 April 2018]
Explorer Release v0.9a

* V2 of zero knowledge privacy layer implementation * Implementation of another standard (TBD, depending on use cases) With Explorer we will introduce another standard (apart from implem...

[Added: 30 April 2018]