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Quarter 3 2018


NNS Snapshot

There will be a NNS snapshot for NEO holders in June or July.

[Added: 04 June 2018]

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Past NEO (NEO) events

01 July 2018


Chainers 2018

Blockchain conference in Seoul, South Korea, on July 1st and 2nd.

[Added: 25 June 2018]
27 June 2018


NNC Airdrop to NEO Holders

NNS plans to airdrop its NNC tokens to NEO holders in the ratio of 1 NEO=0.1 NNC. The snapshots of NEO holdings will be taken on June 27th after the completion of NNS contract testing and no...

[Added: 06 June 2018]
20 June 2018


Geneva Meetup

Switzerland is the last stop of NEO Europe Tour April. We are deeply impressed by the enthusiasm of the Swiss community and therefore plan to come back to Switzerland on 20 June. See you in ...

[Added: 12 June 2018]
16 June 2018


NEO London Meetup, UK

On June 16 NEO will hold a Meetup in London! We are excited to share the latest updates from NEO together with many new projects.

[Added: 02 June 2018]
12 June 2018


Neo Ledger APP Update

NEO Ledger application v1.3.1 is available on Ledger Manager. Upgrading will allow users of Switcheo (@SwitcheoNetwork) to trade directly on the exchange from their Ledger Nano S upon the re...

[Added: 09 June 2018]