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22 August 2018

ZenCash (ZEN)


"The new ZenCash brand reveal date is August 22. We're thrilled to share a new look that you assisted us in choosing through our community survey."

[Added: 01 August 2018]
22 August 2018

BlackCoin (BLK)

Blackcoin Lecture SF

"Blackcoin also has smart contracts without gas.. even more.. there will be s lecture in San Francisco about it on 22.08 and video too.."

[Added: 20 August 2018]
27 August 2018

Network Token (NTWK)

Token Swap

"TOKENSWAP will be live on August 27th! NTWK will be replaced by BKU. You MUST swap your tokens within 60 days of the swap going live."

[Added: 02 August 2018]
30 August 2018

TokenPay (TPAY*)

Important Ecosystem Report

"On August 30th at 12PM EST we will be releasing an important TokenPay ecosystem report. This will be followed by a conference call and Q&A session that you won’t want to miss."

[Added: 02 August 2018]
31 August 2018

ClearPoll (POLL)

Full Launch

Features include: Create & take part in polls, Star Polls, Sponsored Polls, Trending Polls, Rewards, Social Media Sharing, Widgets For Websites, and more!

[Added: 18 June 2018]
31 August 2018

KickCoin (KICK)

Bonus Emission

"Bonus emission is calculated automatically for all addresses that have KICK tokens on tbalance at the fixed commit time 9:00 GMT every last day of the month through September 2019. 1% bonus...

[Added: 30 July 2018]
August 2018

Elastos (ELA)

Framework - Open Source

The framework for mobile web applications will be published open source, contributing to elastos' application ecology.

[Added: 22 April 2018]
August 2018

LockTrip (LOC)

Credit Card Support

"Credit Card payments support (Fiat-to-LOC as a background process through API connectivity with exchanges).".

[Added: 27 April 2018]
August 2018

LockTrip (LOC)

Content Improvement

"Major content improvement - adding high quality hotels images, descriptions and translation into Chinese and Russian."

[Added: 27 April 2018]
August 2018

EBCoin (EBC)

1,000 ETH Buyback

"Up to 1,000 ETH in EBCoin buyback in multiple phases. The first phase will commence prior to August 15th, up to $0.006 per EBC."

[Added: 31 July 2018]