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August 2018

eBoost (EBST)


"eBoost is Rebranding, with a new website, new team members, fresh vision and dedication to all things eSports. Will be going LIVE 3rd week of August."

[Added: 28 July 2018]
August 2018

eBoost (EBST)

Whitepaper Update

"eBoost team is updating the Whitepaper to reflect the new vision, to be published, on or before August 27th."

[Added: 01 August 2018]
06 September 2018

eBoost (EBST)

GameX Exhibition

"EBoost will attend GameX exhibition to promote eBoost and signup game developers for eBoost bounty program. "

[Added: 20 July 2018]
01 November 2018

eBoost (EBST)

Token Unlocking

"Due to the EBST community asking, we will be locking 30,000,000 EBST for 12 months. To be released Nov. 1, 2018. No sooner."

[Added: 30 July 2018]

Past eBoost (EBST) events

20 June 2018

eBoost (EBST)

Community AMA

LIVE on June 20th @ 1pm UTC, eBoost founder Marshall Long will host a Q&A session in our telegram!

[Added: 19 June 2018]
23 May 2018

eBoost (EBST)


We have just over a week before the @alaristoken snapshot! Airdrop May 23rd! Have you gotten yourself prepared? Be on the look out, this week, for a tweet about the #AlarisWallet and how to ...

[Added: 07 May 2018]
15 May 2018

eBoost (EBST)


#eBoost, The Trusted Gamer Coin, is designed to be fast and secure with our OWN blockchain. We are NOT an ERC20 token. With our proprietary blockchain, we aim to bring competitive player-to-...

[Added: 02 May 2018]