Bitcoin (BTC)
Bitcoin (BTC)
Russian Blockchain Week 2018 in Moscow, Russia

21 May 2018

5 days of diving into blockchain technologies sphere, receiving knowledge and communications, for which it usually takes years to get


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23 October 2018

Bitcoin (BTC)

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Malta

"Conference promoting the progress of fintech industry across the Mediterranean countries.We’ll gather international cryptocommunity, blockchain enthusiasts, and business representatives."

[Added: 01 August 2018]
15 October 2018

Bitcoin (BTC)

Dubai Blockchain Expo

"A new history of blockchain starts in Dubai! As the first ever event of its kind, we are introducing one of the largest blockchain gatherings in Middle East history."

[Added: 16 August 2018]
Quarter 3 2018

Bitcoin (BTC)

BZX Fork & Distribution

HXX holders receive BitcoinZeroX (BZX) at 1:10 ratio. BTC holders receive BZX at 1:1 ratio when BTC blockchain is merged with Zero protocol.

[Added: 20 June 2018]