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11 August 2018

Aion (AION)

[TRS] Token Release #9

MOAR AION in Circulation! The 9th Release (monthly) of 6.25% of AION Tokens for those who participated in AION's Token Release Schedule.

[Added: 18 June 2018]
12 August 2018

Cappasity (CAPP)

Bonus Airdrop

CAPP will send to CAPP wallets a bonus +3% of total CAPP held by the wallet on Aug 12, 2018.

[Added: 20 June 2018]
13 August 2018

Crown Coin (CRW)

Revaloot Fork

On August 13th, all Crown and Bitcoin holders will receive Revaloot at a 1:1 ratio.

[Added: 04 July 2018]
15 August 2018

Savedroid (SVD)

Germany Meetup

"An exciting event offering you a close look behind the scenes of savedroid. Visit our office or join us online via live streaming worldwide."

[Added: 19 July 2018]
17 August 2018

Tezos (XTZ)

Listing on Chainex

"We are excited to announce that we've enabled Tezos (XTZ) on ChainEX. Wallets and deposits are now live."

[Added: 17 July 2018]
18 August 2018


Listing on CoinSwitch

"We're delighted that in Aug 18 LIFEtoken will be listed on CoinSwitch, an exchange providing the best way to invest in cryptocurrency by aggregating leading exchanges - looking forward to c...

[Added: 17 July 2018]

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